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    Your dinner menu each month has been thoughtfully prepared for you by our friend and blogger Marina. As a wife and Mommy to two beautiful children (Marina just had her second baby!) things can get messy, but only the good kind of messy!


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    Hi friends! I’m Marina from Marina Makes (marinamakesblog.com). What goes better with gratitude than Thanksgiving food?! This month, we’ll be enjoying cranberry vodka, a turkey, brie and cranberry pesto phyllo wrap, parmesan and thyme mashed potatoes and salted caramel cheesecake. I’d love to see how your food turns out, so please feel free to share pictures on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #marinamakeseats. Happy eating!


    Happy Fall! This month’s menu screams comfort and you’ll absolutely want to try these out while enjoying your activities. Below are recipes for an apple whiskey drink, harvest salad with fig balsamic dressing, chicken pot pie topped with cheddar & thyme biscuits, and sweet apple slices. I



    This month, we’ll be putting together a colorful, delicious tapas board filled with sweet and savory bites.


    This month’s recipes are the dreamiest foods to me because they’re delicious, filling and comforting. The menu includes a glass of rose, a panzanella salad (dreamy because it’s a salad that includes bread), a feta pesto pasta and light and airy coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate. Drooling yet?


    Aloha! This month’s menu will take you straight to the lush mountains and sandy beaches of Hawaii. Get your taste buds ready for a Road to Hana experience of tropical flavors.



    It’s always a good idea to pair games with good food! This month’s recipes include a refreshing strawberry limeade drink, layered taco dip, baked sweet potato fries and a flavorful chicken and green chile burger. Super easy and yummy eats to snack on during your date night!


    I’ll start this off by saying, camping is not my thing, but my husband on the other hand can’t get enough of it. One of these days he’s going to drag me with him and thanks to this month’s box I’ll have some good camping food to look forward to. I crafted these recipes based on some of the foods he enjoyed growing up with while roughing it outdoors. I hope this menu takes you and your taste buds on an adventure!



    Brunch is by far my favorite meal. If I could, I would enjoy sweet and savory breakfast food every day! Putting this menu together was super fun - it's a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy because you have to indulge a little at brunch. Happy eating!


    While I am a very fast eater, every now and then I like to slow down, because food is best consumed when using all of my senses. I know it sounds bizarre, but when’s the last time you really listened to the crunch of a food or felt its texture before eating it? Very rarely do we take time to fully experience the food we’re eating.


    This menu was created for you to do just that, and it’s my hope that you’ll consume food in a totally new way! To continue with the theme of this month’s box, I highly recommend drinking the wine (or drink of your choice) and eating the cheese/meat platter blindfolded to enhance your experience. Cheers!


    To me, there’s nothing better than remembering your favorite moments with your spouse, family and friends while eating good food. The recipes I’ve prepared for you this month are meant to be enjoyed while recalling memories and pastimes that contribute to who you are today. I hope they bring you lots of comfort as you walk down memory lane. Cheers!


    The recipes I’ve prepared for you this month are based on European classics but with a bit of a modern twist. It’s through them, I hope to bring you to the cobblestone streets of France for the night.


    This months GAME NIGHT dinner is an absolutely delicious addition to your Night In.


    We have Cocktails, Mocktails, appetizer, main course and incredible desert options ready for you!


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