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    Night In Boxes Recipes

    Your personal Night In Boxes Chef!

    Meet Marina...

    Your dinner menu each month has been thoughtfully prepared for you by our friend and blogger Marina. As a wife and Mommy to two beautiful children (Marina just had her second baby!) things can get messy, but only the good kind of messy!


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    The recipes I’ve prepared for you this month are based on European classics but with a bit of a modern twist. It’s through them, I hope to bring you to the cobblestone streets of France for the night.


    These recipes were crafted with comfort and tastiness in mind. My hope is that the food and drinks will leave your taste buds feeling fancy and your heart happy. Cheers to the end of the year!


    You DO NOT want to miss this months drink , dinner and dessert recipes! Date night just wouldn't quite be (smell) the same!

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    Are you in the mood for some sweet Fall recipes that will leave your house smelling good all date night long?


    Click below to prepare some twists on classics and sure- to- be new fall favorites!!


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    This months GAME NIGHT dinner is an absolutely delicious addition to your Night In.


    We have Cocktails, Mocktails, appetizer, main course and incredible desert options ready for you!


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