• Adventure Together Recipes

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    Hi Adventurers! I’m Marina from marinamakesblog.com and I’m so happy you’ll be enjoying a night at home with me. I’m here to further elevate your experience with some seasonal eats and sips.



    I’ll start this off by saying, camping is not my thing, but my husband on the other hand can’t get enough of it. One of these days he’s going to drag me with him and thanks to this month’s box I’ll have some good camping food to look forward to. I crafted these recipes based on some of the foods he enjoyed growing up with while roughing it outdoors. I hope this menu takes you and your taste buds on an adventure!




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    Adventure Together Shopping List

    We understand that your TIME is valuable! If you choose to make any of the recipes below you can print out a complete shopping list! Enjoy!

  • Beverages

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    Homemade Lemonade (makes two drinks)


    • 2 cups of water

    • 1/2 cup of granulated sugar

    • 1 cup of lemon juice (about 5-6 lemons)

    • 4-6 mint leaves


    Using a small saucepan, heat water and sugar over medium heat until the sugar dissolves (about 2-3 mins) Place in the refrigerator to cool completely. Once cooled, combine water, lemon juice and mint leaves, stirring with a spoon.


    Fill a glass with ice and pour lemonade mixture into the glass, garnishing with additional mint leaves.


    Whiskey Lemonade (makes two drinks)


    • Homemade Lemonade
    • 4 shots of whiskey (two shots for each glass - use one shot for each glass if you don’t want it to be as strong)


    After making you homemade lemonade, add 2 shots of whiskey to each glass and stir well.

  • Starter

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    Brussel Sprout and Bacon Skewers

    Prep time: 20 minutes (includes cooking bacon about 15-20 mins)

    Total time: 35-40 minutes


    • 12-15 large brussel sprouts, halved
    • 1 Tbsp of oil
    • 1/4 tsp of salt
    • Pepper
    • Honey
    • 4 strips of cooked bacon, strips cut into thirds (Vegetarian option: do not include bacon)
    • 2-4 BBQ skewers
    • Balsamic glaze


    Preheat oven to 425 degrees.


    In a bowl, combine halved brussel sprouts, olive oil, salt, a pinch of pepper and generous drizzle of honey. Pour brussels on baking sheet, spreading them out. Place in oven and cook for 15-20 mins.(until they are slightly charred and brown).


    To assemble, add a piece of bacon, followed by a couple of brussels onto skewer. Repeat until skewers are full.


    Plate and drizzle with balsamic glaze.

  • Main Course

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    Jalapeño Popper Mac n’ Cheese

    Prep time: 30 minutes (includes cooking bacon and making candied jalapenos)

    Total time: 50 minutes


    • Candied jalapeños (recipe below – if you’re not into spice, I’d leave these out), INGREDIENTS: 4 jalapeño peppers, sliced and seeds removed,1/2 cup apple cider vinegar1 1/2 cups sugar1 tsp garlic powder
    • 6 strips of cooked bacon, crumbled (leave out for vegetarian option)
    • 3 Tbsp of butter, divided
    • 1/4 cup of Panko bread crumbs (GF option: GF bread crumbs)
    • 1 small garlic clove, minced
    • 1/2 pound of captavi rotini pasta (GF option: brown rice rotini)
    • 1/8 cup of flour (GF option: rice flour)
    • 2 cups of whole milk (DF option: almond milk)
    • 1 cup of cheddar cheese (DF option: vegan cheddar cheese)
    • 1/2 cup of Monterrey jack (DF option: vegan Monterrey cheese)
    • 1/4 cup of cream cheese (DF option: vegan cream cheese)
    • Salt
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    Step 1: For candied jalapeños, combine vinegar, sugar and garlic powder in small saucepan over medium heat whisking until sugar dissolves. Allow mixture to boil for 2-3 mins. Add peppers. Submerge all slices while Stirring with wooden spoon. Cook for 3-4 mins. (if overcooked the mixture will get sticky). Remove peppers with slotted spoon and place in a jar or a bowl. Continue to cook liquid for 5 mins or until reduced in half. Pour mixture over jalapeños and set aside,allowing peppers to cool completely.


    Step 2: Bring large pot of water to boil. Once the water comes to boil, add a few tablespoons of salt and pasta, cook pasta three minutes less than recommended time on box/bag. Drain the pasta and set aside.


    Step 3: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Butter the bottom of a casserole or baking dish.


    Step 4: Heat frying pan to medium-high heat. Melt 2 Tbsp of butter. Add garlic, cooking about 1 min. or until fragrant. Add Panko breadcrumbs to pan and stir until golden brown.


    Step 5: In large pot used to cook the pasta, melt 4 tbsps of butter over medium-high heat. Once melted, whisk in flour and let it bubble for 1-2 mins. Add milk while constantly stirring for 1-2 mins. until the sauce thickens. Once the sauce thickens, remove from heat and add cheeses, cream cheese and 1/4 tsp salt. Stir until cheeses are melted and combined. Add drained, candied jalapeños and four strips of bacon (save remaining for topping). Pour mixture into the skillet and top with the Panko breadcrumb mixture and remaining pieces of bacon.


    Step 6: Place uncovered skillet in oven and cook for 20-25 mins.



  • Dessert

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    Hand Pies

    Prep time: 5 minutes

    Total time: 20-25 minutes


    • 1 store-bought pie crust dough (GF option: GF pie crust mix and ingredients listed on the box)

    • 2-4 Tbsp of berry or cherry pie filling in a can

    • 1 Tbsp of butter, melted

    • Granulated sugar


    Set your pie crust on the counter to thaw for approx. 15 mins. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.


    Using a medium-size bowl and non-serrated knife, trace two medium-sized circles in pie crust. Place both circles on a baking sheet. Add 1 - 2 Tbsp of the pie filling to the middle of the dough (stay away from the edges to prevent overflow). Fold dough over and crimp edges with a fork to close the pie.


    Place three slits in the top of the dough. Brush each pie with butter and top with a sprinkle of sugar.


    Bake for 15-20 mins., until the edges and top is light brown. Let cool for 10 mins. before enjoying.


  • Popcorn Snack Enhancement

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    Popcorn Enhancement

    Prep time: 5 minutes

    Total time: 20-25 minutes


    • 1/4 cup of semisweet chocolate chips

    • 1/4 cup of mini marshmallows

    • 2 Tbsp of crushed graham crackers (about one sleeve) (GF option: GF graham crackers)


    Melt chocolate in microwave safe bowl at 30-second intervals, stirring until melted. Using directions, pop the popcorn.


    Then drizzle with chocolate, top with marshmallows and crushed graham crackers.