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  • This holiday season, Night In Boxes is keeping the holidays merry and bright by providing 125 women in Kenya with new charcoal-efficient stoves.

  • Over 4 billion people around the globe eat food cooked over an open fire. Open fires are harmful to their health and the environment. The smoke is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes per day. It is one of the leading causes of death of women and children in the developing world. What women need most is a stove!


    By partnering with The Adventure Project, your December box is helping to train women in Kenya and Tanzania to become stove entrepreneurs. They will learn how to earn a living by making and selling life-saving charcoal-efficient stoves to their neighbors. Each stove made drastically reduces toxic smoke, cooks food faster, and saves six trees from being cut down and turned into charcoal cooking fuel.

    Together, we'll help 625 people breathe easier. We will also be saving 750 trees and sparing 125 tons of carbon from hitting the atmosphere this year. The charcoal soap included in your December Night In Box symbolizes that impact.

  • Thanks for letting us put a little lump of coal in your stocking while giving 125 women new stoves for Christmas!

  • Click below to learn more about The Adventure Project and how your "coal" is creating sustainable impact this holiday season

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